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Today's Technology Columnist

Sheryl Sandberg
Facebook COO

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  • {FeaturedJobPostedDateText}16/12/2018 {FeaturedJobCompanyText} Verisign
    The Channel Marketing Manager assists in the execution of Global Channel Marketing (GCM) programs to meet the corporate business objectives of the global channel. This position executes strategic i...
  • {FeaturedJobPostedDateText}16/12/2018 {FeaturedJobCompanyText} EG Workforce Solutions
    RESPONSIBILITIES: Participates in establishing and executing market segment strategy. Achieves strategic team objectives. Develop a thorough understanding of customers and potential customers and c...
  • {FeaturedJobPostedDateText}16/12/2018 {FeaturedJobCompanyText} EG Workforce Solutions
    ​DELIVERABLES Serve as a member of the Customer management team. Manage all general ledger activity for Customer. Produce period-end and fiscal year-end financial statements for Customer operations...
  • {FeaturedJobPostedDateText}16/12/2018 {FeaturedJobCompanyText} EG Workforce Solutions
    Responsibilities include: Includes sourcing, negotiating, planning, and analyzing commodities to the company with strategic suppliers. Purchase ingredients, supplies and packaging materials; as ass...
  • {FeaturedJobPostedDateText}16/12/2018 {FeaturedJobCompanyText} EG Workforce Solutions
    SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED Demonstrated leadership ability. Four year college degree from an accredited institution; focus on Business Administration or Business Management preferred, but techni...